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About Us

Loving Companions is devoted to providing quality, compassionate, trusted care in your home. We were founded on the principle that safe, Loving Companions, should be kind, compassionate and affordable. Established by Jeffery Bond, Loving Companions recognizes the anxiety, fear and loss of pride that come from asking for help. We want to reassure you that our focus is on you and your family. We are devoted to getting to know you and spending the time necessary to clearly understand your needs, concerns and care requirements. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and will provide you with the kindness and respect that you deserve. We are here for you and will do everything we can to prove our dedication.

About Our Owner




Jeffery Bond is the owner of Loving Companions, a homecare services agency for seniors and anyone in need of care outside of a hospital setting. Loving Companions started serving seniors and other members of our greater Sacramento community in 2008. When Jeffery started Loving Companions he had less than a handful of clients, but they were a baby step towards his bigger vision for the company and serving others. Today, Jeffery has grown Loving Companions to a place where it is able to serve anyone that wants to stay in their home, employ many members of our community, and support our local community service, educational and recreational programs. Jeffery’s vision for Loving Companions is to be more than just a local senior service agency, but a company which serves and supports the community that is just as important to him as it is to our clients. Tho being in business to serve seniors is the main goal, our passion and Jeffery’s life work, Jeffery’s vision for Loving Companions reaches far beyond a simple service agency.

Jeffery grew up in the greater Sacramento area and lived on a military base most of his life. From a young age service, selflessness and sacrifice were a huge part of his life. At 18, Jeffery himself joined a branch of the US Military where the importance of  service, selflessness and sacrifice, as a way of life, became as important to Jeffery as it was to the branch and country he served. After the conclusion of his military service, Jeffery went into several varying service fields, but he didn’t  feel he was able to make the difference he was seeking to make in the places he was investing his life. It wasn’t until Jeffery took a position at a youth facility that he began to feel fulfilled in his calling to serve again. While serving at the youth facility, doors began to open for him to serve in mental health, many social work arenas and lastly senior care. It wasn’t until Jeffery began working side by side with seniors that he recognized how he could make a meaningful difference in peoples lives and how he wanted to invest his life. That is where Loving Companions was born.

Every one of Loving Companions’ potential clients meets Jeffery at their free in-home consultation. He is committed to personally guaranteeing a comfortable and seamless transition into having a Loving Companions caregiver in the home. Jeffery has a true talent for making complex and emotional situations feel manageable, putting his clients and their families at ease and setting up the perfect service plan to meet the total needs of his clients and their families. When you have an owner whose whole heart is personally commited to service, you have a service that can not be beat!

About Our Caregiving Staff




Our highly skilled caregiving staff is ready to serve you and your loved ones with  all of your homecare needs. Loving Companions makes it our highst priority to match our clients with the caregiver that best meets their personality and care needs. A strong and trusting bond between the caregiver and the client is essential and as important to us as it is to you. Loving Companions has a dedicated Caregivng staff whose mission and heart is to help others.

About Our Office Staff




Loving Companions office staff is available to serve our clients. In addition to the services offered to you by your caregiver, the office staff offers many additional services free of charge. Below are a few of the things we are often asked to assist with, but don’t hesitate to call the office to inquire about how we can help you more. Nothing is too big or too small and someone is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for your comfort and care.

  • Routine Home Visits by one of our qualified staff to ensure you are receiving the highest quality of care
  • Caregiver selection and changes
  • Concierge services for referrals and special requests
  • A Care Coordinatior to manage and update your changing care needs
  • Long Term Care Insurance billing and reporting
  • Billing questions and needs

 We Are Here To Help! Call 916-235-3304 or Inquire below

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